Date Speaker Talk
Feb. 21 Takako Nemoto Determinacy and ordinal analysis
Feb. 28 No Seminar (Münchenwiler)
March 7 Dieter Probst Modular Ordinal Analysis: can we go beyond $\ID_1$ using $\beta$-model reflection?
March 14 Sam Sanders Reuniting the antipodes: Bringing together Nonstandard Analysis and Constructive Analysis
March 21 Florian Ranzi Asymmetric interpretation of stratified inductive definitions
March 28 Everybody talks
April 4 No Seminar (Easter Holiday)
April 11 Alexander Kashev On Walukiewicz's completeness proof of the modal mu-calculus (Kozen's axiomatization)
April 18 Ioannis Kokkinis A sequent style calculus for linear temporal logic
April 25 Simon Kramer t.b.a.
May 2 No Seminar (SGSLPS Meeting)
May 9 No Seminar (Ascension Day)
May 16 Everybody talks
May 23 No Seminar (ABM)
May 30